Crewsaver 100N Spiral Baby & Adult Lifejacket


An Ideal lifejacket for use in just about any kind of wet environment, for example around lakes, rivers, swimming pools, the beach, as well as watersports, use on boats etc! for use in sheltered coastal waters . The Crewsaver Spiral life jacket comes with adjustable belt and twin crutch straps and is light and easy to wear for extended periods. Features slightly more buoyancy on one side to help the turning moment when in water. Has a foam filled collar, zip and belt, crutch straps, and signal whistle. Also features 3M reflex stripes, which reflect searchlights to a distance of 1.2 miles.

Please note that the two smalest sizes are designed with it's bouyancy for small children and are therfore as in the photos 1,3,4

Size          Chest          Waist         Inside Leg          Height

Child 64-76cm (25-30") 57-65cm (22-26") 60cm (24") 128-152cm (4'2"-5')

Junior 76-88cm (30-35") 65-71cm (26-28") 63cm (25") 152-163cm (5'-5'4")

Small 91-97cm (35-38") 71-79cm (28-31") 69cm (27") 163-170cm (5'4"-5'7")

Medium 97-104cm (38-41") 79-86cm (31-34") 74cm (29") 170-178cm (5'7"-5'10")

Large 104-112cm (41-44") 86-94cm (34-37") 79cm (31") 178-185cm (5'10"-6'1")

Extra Large 112-119cm (44-47") 94-102cm (37-40") 84cm (32") 185-191cm (6'1"-6'3")

XXL 119-127cm (47-50") 102-108cm (40-43") 89cm (33") 185-191cm (6'1"-6'3")