SOLES UP FRONT 50N Buoyancy Aid.


A fantastic 50N buoyancy aid, The Adult sizes are 50N, the child's sizes 30-50 newton, specifically designed for water sports, Wind surfing, water ski, sailing, canoeing and kayaking. The buoyancy aid gives you the ability to move freely around when on the water with it's snag free padded sides. A good clean style. Simply pop arms through, zip up and then adjust the webbing belts for comfort and clip closed. A smart snug fit will help prevent the jacket riding up your body. Children's jackets have crutch straps to stop the buoyancy aid from rising up.

  • Junior              Weight 30-40KG             Chest 76-86cm
  • Small/Medium Weight 40-70KG             Chest 86-107cm
  • Medium/Large Weight More than 70KG Chest 107-117cm
  • XLarge             Weight More Than 70KG Chest 117-127cm
  • XXLarge           Weight More Than 70KG Chest 127-137cm