SURFBOARD LEASH. High Quality surf board Leash.


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A fantastic surfboard leash by XTS. Super strong 8mm cord keeps your board out of trouble in a wipe out as it's easy to recover. The 5mm neoprene ankle strap is really soft and comfortable, it is held in place with military graded Velcro with a quick release tag just in case. Under the Velcro is also a car key pocket. Both ends of the surfboard leash fitted with a brass swivel to prevent twisting of the cord. A rail saver is attached to the deck plug end, this prevents the rails in the tail end of your board tacking excessive ware and tear. The rail saver has a triple fold release, if you get entangled in your leash, just unfold the rail saver and you are free. Conclusion: This leash has all the top features that make this surfboard leash your best buy this season.